Battery/Voltage Control

Kód produktu: G#2306

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Is connected between battery and 12 V consumer.

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Detailní popis

Is connected between the battery and 12 V consumer. Protects battery as well as consumer from harmful undervoltage (consumer off at 10.7 V) and the connected consumer from harmful overvoltage (off at 15.5 V).

MT USG 40: With a separate switching output it is remote controllable and therefore usable as main control (all consumers off/on)

Switching Current Durance/Short: 40 A/60 A

MT USG 120: Function principle like MT USG 40, however with far higher switching voltage. In addition, an interior control can be plugged in, with which the vehicle can be made non-electric any time (battery main control).

Switching Current Durance/Short: 120 A/200 A