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Biolysan Hygiene Set Saison

Kód produktu: 300/976 Kód výrobce: 765643148860 Kód dodavatele: 60216 Výrobce: Biolysan
1 186 Kč
980,17 Kč bez DPH
5-10 dní

For cleaning, descaling and disinfection of fresh water tanks.

Zobraz detailní popis

Detailní popis

Hygiene set "Saison" for efficient cleaning, descaling and disinfection of fresh water tanks in motorhomes, caravans, yachts and boats.

Have you filled up with water from unsafe sources? Have you filled your fresh water tank with very hard water? Is there biofilm in your tank, boiler or pipes? Do you regularly fill up with very hard water, or is your tank and boiler calcified? Then use our hygiene set "Saison" to eliminate these problems quickly and easily.

Especially in mobile fresh water tanks, hygienic problems can arise very quickly due to the usually very high ambient temperatures.

So that you can spend your holiday healthy and without worries, we have put together our BIOLYSAN® Hygiene Set "Saison", which consists of the following individual products:

1 x BIOLYSAN® Wasserhygiene (disinfectant) 250 ml dosage bottle

BIOLYSAN® Wasserhygiene is a highly effective disinfectant for the destruction of bacteria, viruses and fungi in fresh water tanks. It is easy and quick to use and cleans drinking water in a short time. It reliably prevents new contamination. After the addition of BIOLYSAN® Wasserhygiene, the drinking water remains fit for consumption for a long time. Regular use prevents the formation of new biofilm. BIOLYSAN® Wasserhygiene complies with the German Drinking Water Ordinance.

2 x BIOLYSAN® Tankreiniger (tank cleaner) 100 ml hinged lid bottle

BIOLYSAN® Tankreiniger is used for disinfection of water tanks, boilers and pipes in mobile homes, caravans and yachts. After your holiday it is essential that you carry out a basic disinfection of the entire water system with BIOLYSAN® Tankreiniger. This will break down the existing biofilm and thoroughly disinfect the entire installation system. This ensures a hygienically perfect water system for your next trip.

1 x TW-DES Entkalker (descaler) 200 g screw bottle with child safety lock

TW-DES Entkalker from citric acid, removes unpleasant odours and descales the entire fresh water system. Descaling protects the tank, pump, boiler and water pipes from limescale deposits and extends the service life of all components. 200 grams TW-DES Entkalker are sufficient for the production of 25 litres of descaling solution or for tank sizes up to 125 litres capacity.


Wasserhygiene (disinfectant):

  • Add 5 ml Wasserhygiene disinfectant to 20 litres of water.

Tankreiniger (tank cleaner):

  • Empty water tank and boiler completely.
  • Remove coarse dirt from the tank by hand.
  • Fill the water tank with approx. 50 litres of drinking water and add the entire contents of the bottle of Tank Cleaner.
  • Drain two litres of water from each tap on the hot and cold water side and allow to work for at least 24 hours.
  • Drive a few kilometres to wet all surfaces in the tank.
  • Then empty the tank via the taps and empty the boiler.
  • Fill the tank to maximum with drinking water and rinse all pipes again (as described above) until the tank is empty.
  • Repeat if heavily soiled.

Entkalker (descaler):

  • Dissolve the contents of the bottle in 5 litres of warm water and fill this solution into the empty fresh water tank.
  • Fill the tank with an additional 20 litres of warm water.
  • Open all fittings one after the other on the cold and warm water side until water escapes and closes again.
  • Then let it take effect for approx. 3 hours.
  • Fill the tank completely with fresh water.
  • Remove the aerators from the taps.
  • Open all fittings one after the other on the cold and hot water side and rinse out dirt thoroughly.
  • Repeat the procedure until the tank is empty.
  • Then rinse the tank and pipes thoroughly with fresh water.
  • In case of severe calcification, repeat the procedure.

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Dimensions (W x D x H): 20 × 5 × 30 cmWeight: 800 g

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