Drinking Water Disinfectant

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Easy to dose and use.

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Lilie Drinking Water Disinfectant

  • Can be used for containers, hose and pipe systems
  • Easy to dose and use
  • Works on the basis of a stabilised hydrogen peroxide solution and therefore falls into the category of treatment substances for drinking water disinfection approved by the German Federal Environment Agency and follows the recommendations for dosing.
  • Residue-free and biodegradable
  • Protects the drinking water approved materials used
  • Colourless, odourless and tasteless
  • The contents of 1 litre are enough to disinfect 100 litres of drinking water with a minimum application time of 6 hours. For smaller tanks, the application time can be proportionally decreased. For larger tanks, 2 or more bottles are necessary.


  1. Pour Lilie Drinking Water Disinfectant into the tank.
  2. Fill the tank with water – pump switch "Off".
  3. Open all taps.
  4. Switch on the pump using the pump switch.
  5. Close the taps once water is running from all of them. The pump switches off automatically.
  6. Leave it for at least 6 hours.
  7. Empty the system and refill it with drinking water. The system can now be used again.

Application Time

  • 100 litres 1 bottle 6 hours
  • 200 litres 1 bottle 12 hours
  • 250 litres 1 bottle 15 hours
  • 100 litres 2 bottles 3 hours

Approved for drinking water according to DVGW and KTW.

Specifikační body

Colour: whiteContent/Capacity: 1 lDimensions (⌀ x H): 9 × 24 cmWeight: 1.04 kg